DBA Miniatures

DBA Miniatures
Italian Condotta Army IV/61

Monday, 12 December 2016

Army #3, 1/7(c) (d) Early Libyan 665-476BC, 475 BC- 70AD,

Army#3 DBA V3.0 1/7 (c) (d) Early Libyan

This Early Libyan Army was painted by the host Dennis O'Neill, it is missing (for the moment) elements that are based as Spearmen, 5 x Sp, it has the 3Ax, and 3Wb, options as interchangeable, but can field a 12 element army, it is made up a mix of miniatures mostly, Essex.

DBA  V.3 Army 1/7 Early Libyan (c) (d)

DBA V.3 Army 1/7 Early Libyan (c) (d)

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