DBA Miniatures

DBA Miniatures
Italian Condotta Army IV/61

Monday, 12 December 2016

Army #1, 1/2 (a) (b) Early Egyptian. 3000-1690BC, 1689-1541 BC.

DBA V3.0 ARMY #1 1/2 (a) (b) Early Egyptian 3000-1690 BC, 1689-1541 BC.

This Army is 1/2 Early Egyptian, (a) and (b) it was painted and based by Professor Don Ray. All of the units available are represented in the figures in the below photographs. All available elements are shown etc. for the Generals litter element in army (a).

V3.0 DBA 1/2 (a) Early Egyptian 3000-1690 BC

V3.0 DBA 1/2 (b) Early Egyptian 1689-1541 BC

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